We provide integrated solutions, including not only hardware but also software, and ensure the best results for all our customers. Among the software we provide, Saga comprises all professional workflow management solutions required by the packaging and labeling industry. By choosing the Saga Lite and Saga Pro versions for your needs, you can classify and store the printing materials as web-based, follow the entire process from the loading stage of the graphic file to the printing, and thus ensure the digitalization in all your printing processes with these management systems. Meanwhile, Saga Lite and Saga Pro will help you stand out in your industry with the following features:

  • Provides reports comprising various metrics at the pre-press and post-press stages, analyzes and guides the arrangement of print files in accordance with various kinds of systems and entire print processes.

  • Reduces the possibility of human error in printing processes, increases production repeatability, and contributes to ensuring that the final product remains consistent across multiple systems and shifts.

  • Provides smooth and effective print management through its plain, clear, easy-to- understand, and Turkish interface.

Our other software, Fortis, is a Manufacturing Execution System – MES, where you can monitor critical data in printing systems and the entire production process. Thanks to Fortis, you can collect immediate / real time data from the production site in integration with ERP, store this data in a central database, and realize more effective and efficient production by carrying out a series of analyses with the critical data you have obtained. Furthermore, owing to the flexibility with which we provide software and user interfaces, we can customize the software for our customers.

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