• D2Shape product family involves digital printing systems that you can print directly on objects such as plastic bottles, buckets, containers, glasses, lids, and tin cans.

  • D2Roll are systems that move from roll to roll and print materials of various widths. With these systems, you can print on materials such as standard labels, coated or uncoated paper, cardboard, and aluminum foil in the fastest way possible, without any quantity or color limitation. With its photographic printing capability, you will attain outstanding print quality.

  • We provide integrated solutions, including not only hardware but also software, and ensure the best results for all our customers.

About Us

We are a system integration company, established with an ambition to design and manufacture industrial digital printing systems to make the latest printing technologies more accessible for its customers. Our focus applications are direct-to-shape decoration, packaging, and label printing. By using inkjet technology, mechanical design, mechatronics, chemistry, software development, and colour management knowledge, Jetron develops the best-suited solution for its customers’ needs.


At Jetron, we understand that investing in digital printing technology involves more than just hardware. That’s why, alongside our cutting-edge equipment, we provide exceptional technical service and consultancy. Our goal is to ensure your success with your digital printing investment by offering tailored support solutions. These are designed to bring out the best in our products and effectively meet your specific needs.


Jetron Accessories are systems designed to perform sorting, feeding, stacking, packaging, and final quality controls in accordance with the quality plans of production processes.

Tech Support

As Jetron, we always stand by our customers, not only with our solutions, but also with our service and training opportunities.